Tips on Troubleshooting Video Problems

It's confirmed there are incompatibilities in Internet Explorer which prevent the video from playing. All videos play just fine on other browsers (Firefox, Opera, Safari). Sorry, I didn't realize this problem sooner. I've been using Firefox all this time and it's been a while since I tested the site on IE. If you don't have one installed already, here is a link to download .

Some of you are having troubles watching these videos. They are in higher quality than the ones on YouTube, hence bigger file size. Not to mention they are also not divided into small parts (unless for movies which run for more than one hour). Consequently, they require high speed bandwidth. If your internet connection is not so fast, you should at least make the most out of it. I suggest to temporarily avoid sharing the same connection with other computers and softwares. Yes, it includes those porn and hentai downloads. ;p

Try the following for problems where videos are not playing for their entire length or not even loading at all:

  • Use the [+/-] Show/Hide Video link to reload it.
  • Restart your web browser.
Additional tips from fellow Outcasts:
  • Restart your web browser, go to Properties and clear your cache/temporary internet files, cookies, and history.
  • Right click on the video and go to Settings. Click on the folder icon to the left of the Close button and increase the Local Storage space.
Another tip is clicking pause on video will not stop it from loading. The video does not play but it loads in the background. If you have slower internet connection, make sure you don't leave any videos in pause (other than the one you are watching). Clicking [+/-] Show/Hide Video link to hide the video will stop it from loading.

Some people are having a hard time finding the video. They are hidden to save space so that all the latest episodes are in one page. All you need to do is click on the text link [+/-] Show/Hide Video. <= Go ahead try it out. Clicking it will toggle to either Show or Hide the video. Well, in this case it's a Tetris game. Thanks to these Russians, I still can't get enough of it even at the age of Wii, PS3, and XBOX360.

P – Pause/unpause game

Q – Quit game

M – Mute/unmute sound

Z – Rotate counter-clockwise

Left arrow – Move shape left

Right arrow – Move shape right

Down arrow – Drop shape faster

X or
Up – Rotate clockwise

Death Note 1

Spoiler Warning!! [+/-] Show/Hide More Info...


Anonymous said...

the video stop at 3 mins

Yesenia1127 said...

FReaky but very awsome.

Light is hot.

Jairus said...

L kicks Kira's ass any day.But even though I'm personally voting for L,I hope this show ends differently than the movie did^o^!

By the way,if I wasn't smart enough to know what he meant by "bored,"(or wise enough,whatever you call it)I'd have told him to get get a video game.
Yea,yea,I know...that wouldn't have helped him either though.Sadistic idealist.

I stand alone said...

this vid dont work it say no data
available its a shame to coz i realy wonted to c it

twinkle said...

you're not alone anymore..
it says no data available when i try to load it too.

huhuhuhu.. i really wanted to see it. =(

Anonymous said...

some of the first episodes of some series do not work anymore..damn

Anonymous said...

Are these episodes gonna get fixed?

Anonymous said...

i've read another place that writing a comment would make the video work o i'll just try that...

Anonymous said...

it doesnt work
but whatever

Mr Malo said...

damn.. are he seriuos.. he belive he gona be God xD, this serie meybe is worth to watch

Anonymous said...

this is the start of one of the greatest animes born

Anonymous said...

this anime is nothing but SICK!!!
but i'll watch and see the outcome

Anonymous said...

WOW, did Anitube make Death Note more wide screen than the older versions becuz they edited the words? Cuz i just got the manga & wanted to rewatch to compare and from what i remember it seems as if they changed the words to become more like the manga version... o.o or is it just me? oh yeah & I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!

=3 ^_^

Anonymous said...

The video isn't loading, despite my best efforts and all the offered troubleshooting advice. Help, please?

Anonymous said...

Dear Anitube,
All videos in this format aren't loading, they even aren't buffering. What is suprising I can watch Claymore in this format, but I can't watch the last 3 episodes of death note. Episodes that uses veoh are playing well. I applied all tips on troubleshooting, but i didn't help. I use firefox, version and Adobe Flash Player 9. Can anyone help me? There are many posts similar to mine scattered in comments.

ballin' said...

this anime looks like it's gonna be good! ^_______^

Anonymous said...

lol i thought i was sick kid....atleast his reason are good.personally i right names off ppl that i truely hate to depths of my being in there,crimals,i would already have notebook full in 2 or 3 weeks muhahahaha or chose horrably sick and painful ways for ppl die or cool atleast. like that 1 guy off ghost rider movie when he ride off on horse just fades out that is sweet way die.

this anime seems like it be volient and full death which make me yes im sick person i love see ppl in pain

Anonymous said...

Absolutely the most intense, thought provoking show I've ever seen. It is not to be missed, this is only the beginning :D