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One Piece 323

"Departing the Water Metropolis! Distinction of the Manly Usopp's Duel"
Spoiler Warning!! [+/-] Show/Hide Synopsis...


Anonymous said...

You are one weak behind i already saw this episode 3 days ago!@!!!!

What happen ? why are u a week behind?

anyways thx for the good servicce

first comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

what a bunch of crybabies....damn crying myself XD

finally there is again some serious action oO

thx for the upload!

PS: that's what you call a canonball ^^

Anonymous said...

man cant wait for One piece 324

that cannon ball is massive O.O


Kingoffans said...

The reason this episode was taking so long was because Anitube was most probably waiting for the vegapunk subs to come out. You probably saw the episode with the Noobproduction subs or even worse, the softanime subs. Personally I'm happy Anitube decided to wait because all the sites I usually go to watch One Piece are uploading the ones with the inferior subs just because they come out earlier. Now don't get me wrong, they're not bad (pretty decent actually) but Vegapunk are undoubtedly the best next to Kaizoku and those guys are only at episode 229. Please continue uploading only Vegapunk subbed episodes anitube. I find I can enjoy the series most with these guys. And before you guys ask, I'd rather not use torrents>.>

Jude said...

To first commentor: anonymous.


Anonymous said...

hey what did usopp do to get kicked out of the straw hats crew? the anime in the US isn't that far yet so plz tell me

Anonymous said...

He got into an arguement with Luffy about Going Merry, since he wouldn't accept that it couldn't sail anymore.

That said, I agree with Nami, those two ARE pitiful xD

Miraan said...

LOL you watch the US one...

Anonymous said...

Wow, that episode was so emotional. I cried when Ussop was thinking about going back and was saying all the excuses but it really hurt when Luffy and Zoro said: I can't hear him. And those flashbacks were so sad as well. I remembered crying at those parts as well.

Anonymous said...

Usopp was even more idiot-like than usual, maybe just maybe the reason they didn't answer could maybe have maybe been maybe those 1000 cannonballs flying at them O_O just maybe

Anonymous said...

lol cant wait till nxt episode~~GIANT CANNON BALL lmao

WJUK said...

Even though I read the manga the episode still pulled at my heart-strings (metaphorically speaking).

The next episode should be good, although I think the preview gave just a bit too much away. I hate when that happens, but I hate it more when the opening has a ton of spoilers (e.g. the current Bleach opening).

But anyway, good episode.

One last thing. I think OP is going to go into fillers. Not to jynx it or anything, but the anime is to close for comfort to the manga. So, for the greater good - fillers are probably quintessential.

Yea I know. Damn.

FritosMan said...

You know what I found odd?
The ship was like, 50 feet away from the bay when Usopp came, and they were running from Garp's cannon bombs, yet 5 minutes later, they're still 50 feet away, or look like they are 30 feet away.
Oh well, still a good episode, mostly a filler stretching out a 5 minute scene into an entire episode, but still good.

Anonymous said...

:O anitube, you, really need to get your one piece episodes faster. i already watched it. anyways i think i'll watch it again since you put that good player. :D

Anonymous said...

that was freakin awsome :]
one piece forever

Anonymous said...

God. I. Hate. Usopp. So. Much.

Cardin Lee said...

It was a great way to both filler and do a great emotional scene at the same time!! Flashbacks were absolutely necessary here.

And.. ya, too much was given away at the next episode preview. Maybe Anitube, you should cut out the previews so that we don't get spoilerized so much.

Anyway, thank you so much Anitube!

Anonymous said...

bah. usopp is weak anyways ! ;)

Anonymous said...

if chopper knows what usopp smells like then how come he didnt notice that sogeking smells exactly like usopp??

Anonymous said...

hmmm one pice is one of the best anime .. i saw claymore but onepiece is more funny , with e better story and better "adrenaline rise" combats :D.One piece , naruto and bleach are the besttt :D then claymore . Omg guys near forget but the best adrenaline and vengenge fells gave me the anime of berserk .. berserk n1 wtf:D

Anonymous said...

great episode :)
And yep... Nami IS right *g*
I hope the upcoming filler is good. The character sure looks like it.

and why are you all complaining about the wait for the episode? If you don't like it, then don't watch it.

Anonymous said...

I love One Piece! I don't get why some people dislike Usopp, he's so funny! XD

Anonymous said...

luv tis anime, thanks anitube ^^,