Tips on Troubleshooting Video Problems

It's confirmed there are incompatibilities in Internet Explorer which prevent the video from playing. All videos play just fine on other browsers (Firefox, Opera, Safari). Sorry, I didn't realize this problem sooner. I've been using Firefox all this time and it's been a while since I tested the site on IE. If you don't have one installed already, here is a link to download .

Some of you are having troubles watching these videos. They are in higher quality than the ones on YouTube, hence bigger file size. Not to mention they are also not divided into small parts (unless for movies which run for more than one hour). Consequently, they require high speed bandwidth. If your internet connection is not so fast, you should at least make the most out of it. I suggest to temporarily avoid sharing the same connection with other computers and softwares. Yes, it includes those porn and hentai downloads. ;p

Try the following for problems where videos are not playing for their entire length or not even loading at all:

  • Use the [+/-] Show/Hide Video link to reload it.
  • Restart your web browser.
Additional tips from fellow Outcasts:
  • Restart your web browser, go to Properties and clear your cache/temporary internet files, cookies, and history.
  • Right click on the video and go to Settings. Click on the folder icon to the left of the Close button and increase the Local Storage space.
Another tip is clicking pause on video will not stop it from loading. The video does not play but it loads in the background. If you have slower internet connection, make sure you don't leave any videos in pause (other than the one you are watching). Clicking [+/-] Show/Hide Video link to hide the video will stop it from loading.

Some people are having a hard time finding the video. They are hidden to save space so that all the latest episodes are in one page. All you need to do is click on the text link [+/-] Show/Hide Video. <= Go ahead try it out. Clicking it will toggle to either Show or Hide the video. Well, in this case it's a Tetris game. Thanks to these Russians, I still can't get enough of it even at the age of Wii, PS3, and XBOX360.

P – Pause/unpause game

Q – Quit game

M – Mute/unmute sound

Z – Rotate counter-clockwise

Left arrow – Move shape left

Right arrow – Move shape right

Down arrow – Drop shape faster

X or
Up – Rotate clockwise

About Ghost Hunt

"About Ghost Hunt"
This series will never get posted here without help from Mina.

Ghost Hunt is originally a novel series called the Akuryou Series created by Fuyumi Ono. It has been adapted into manga, radio drama, and now an anime series. The anime version is created by J.C. Staff premiered on October 3, 2006.
Spoiler Warning!! [+/-] Show/Hide Synopsis...

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ks said...

nice, this looks cool XD

Lavi said...

Oh, I loved this series. It was maybe one of my favorites. A lot of women have said it was scary, but I didn't find it scary at all. Thanks Anitube for posting this series, keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Mina, anitube, you guys are great!!! Think you could spare an hour or so and encode FLCL? I know it would be greatly appreciated by all.

kakashi said...

yeah this is an excellent series. Even for brave hearts, occasional goosebumps is inevitable. thanks anitube!

Inarah said...

I've already seen this series but, just because it was good and (of course) funny, I might just have to watch it again...


Jani said...

Thank you Ani-san (and Mina-san too) I'll watch this sometime, but now it's time for D.Gray-man!

Anonymous said...

tyvm. this is a good series. altho its not scary, it is very interesting to watch them unravel the mystery of the spirits they encounter. i wish they would make more

Anonymous said...

ur fantastic, mina! some parts of it did make me jump while watching it in the dark of my rm. somewhat similar in the vein of XXX-holic. ;)

Jani said...

I just finished watching, I watched till around 1 in the night and just woke up and watched the last few, great series, the ending is screaming for more. Thanks Ani-san and Mina-san.

Anonymous said...

saw this a while back. totally forgot about it. it was kinda good i guess. attracted me enuf to watch the whole thing. wouldnt say it was epic though. only alright

Anonymous said...

Is there a 2nd season? They sorda left it hanging at the end there.

Anonymous said...

There currently is not a sequel, and sadly I doubt there will be, but after many animes I came to understand the difference between MAJOR cliffhanger endings and the minor "good things may happen" cliffhangers. In short leave for possible continuation or enough to leave at that.

This one is the latter. Not the best series but enjoyable throughout.

A little late, but a good choice to add.

Chris said...

I think this is a pretty good series. A little different than most, alot of good character development,

Chris said...

Ok I have a question concerning the difference between major and minor cliffhangers. Major cliffhanger = character getting a sword shoved through his neck and then fade to black, does that seem to be about right? And what would a minor cliffhanger consist of?


Anonymous said...

Chris, an example of a minor cliffhanger is that of everyone is back together (maybe one person missing, but not necessarily dead) things are calm maybe something is found out but more or less some kind of order is back, peace (blah, blah). A common point is the "look to the future" speech by a character or narrator, and it may leave you wanting more.

More or less it can be left to imaginings or continued on later. Ghost Hunt ending is a classic example. Heck, Mushishi and Darker than black had minor cliffhangers.

So yes a major one is like a random ending where you go WTF!!? and things just end in the middle of an arc, usually leaving it in a rushed sort of thing.